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Dealing with the past is often subject to passionate political struggles - on the national, as well as on the international level. They can lead to rather supportive or suppressive, truly effective or ineffective frameworks, institutionalised by state-policies and laws. However, below the surface, political struggles are about the access to scare resources, institutions or, more generally, the distribution of power. What political initiatives exist that try to foster inclusive and coherent processes of dealing with the past? Why do they exist and what is their room for manoeuvre?

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German Funding for Peace Mediation

Increased efforts in supporting peace processes
17. Januar 2020
Josh Appel | Unsplash

The German Federal Foreign Office (“Auswärtiges Amt”) has been scaling up its efforts in the field of peace mediation. Projects dealing with national dialogues, reconciliation during and after conflicts, dealing with the past and transitional justice are eligible for funding. Applicants may apply for funding at any time.

The German Federal Foreign Office supports projects and measures by German and international NGOs that seek to manage current conflicts, prevent potential conflicts and stabilize the situation following a conflict.

Projects dealing with national dialogues, reconciliation during and after conflicts, dealing with the past and transitional justice are eligible for funding.

The central goal of funding is the support of political processes, particularly peace processes, which serve to alleviate the impact of armed conflicts or help resolve them. A specific focus is placed on forms of understanding involving the whole of society on potential solutions for violent conflicts. Projects in the area of crisis prevention, conflict management, stabilisation and peace-building are part of the Federal Foreign Office’s diplomatic efforts. Consequently, these projects are context-related and driven by specific interests; they are designed to attain a concrete political German foreign policy goal.

The Federal Foreign Office cooperates with international organisations, national state agencies, German and foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and United Nations institutions that can demonstrate that they have substantial experience with concrete project work – ideally also in fragile contexts. Individuals may not apply for funding.

As a rule, applicants may apply for funding from the Federal Foreign Office at any time.

The first time they make contact, they should take the opportunity to submit a project outline to give the Federal Foreign Office’s Division S 03 a quick overview of the project.

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