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We strengthen voices. For peace and development.

In 2001, seven governmental organisations, church development agencies, civil society networks, and political foundations formed the working group for peace and development (FriEnt) to collectively strengthen prevention and peacebuilding.
The working group advocates cooperative, sustainable, and inclusive peacebuilding in Germany, Europe, and the world. It empowers peacebuilding voices at the political level, supports global dialogue, and promotes the diverse potential of peacebuilding approaches and strategies to policy-makers and the public at large.
FriEnt works at the interface between state and civil society, peacebuilding and development, and politics and practice. With its unique cooperation structure and multi-institutional team, FriEnt creates space for differing perspectives, critical reflection, and trustful dialogue—beyond all boundaries. FriEnt’s diversity consequently allows new ideas, knowledge, and synergies to evolve.

Shaping peacebuilding collectively

The dialogue with FriEnt members and international partners pools experience-based knowledge as well as peace policy expertise and consultation for the purpose of influencing political processes, shaping the formation of relevant agendas, and developing and strengthening peacebuilding further.
Through the FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum, expert discussions and workshops facilitated by FriEnt, the working group creates a hub for knowledge, experience, and networking. Its publications, “Impulse” newsletter, blog series, and social media inform the German and international expert community, generate impetus for discussion, and provide guiding methodological expertise. In the upcoming years, FriEnt will focus on the following work areas and agendas:

Rethinking peacebuilding

FriEnt incorporates current developments and challenges and identifies topics that could be relevant for the future of national and international peacebuilding at the practical or political level. FriEnt creates space for critical reflection and networking, examines existing approaches, and therefore strengthens innovative and effective peacebuilding.

Shaping the inclusivity of peacebuilding

Whether it concerns Agenda 2030, the Federal Government’s Guidelines, or relevant EU processes: FriEnt moderates dialogue and consultation processes about current agendas at national and international level, creates incentive for peacebuilding, and shapes the development of inclusive strategies.

Peacebuilding impulses for global dialogue and partnerships

FriEnt is aware of its global responsibility for peaceful, inclusive, and fair societies and consequently strengthens international networking and global dialogue about current peacebuilding agendas and themes. It further contributes to the implementation of the peacebuilding dimension of Agenda 2030 and SDG 16+.

Current topics

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The Working Group on Peace and Development (FriEnt) is an association of governmental organisations, church development agencies, civil society networks, and political foundations.


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