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Sea change for German peace policy. Setting navigation marks for steering through troubled waterGröße: 59.5 kBDateityp: PDF


Sea change for German peace policy. Setting navigation marks for steering through troubled water

07. Dezember 2022

Since March 2022, FriEnt hosted a series of expert discussions about the “Zeitenwende” (sea change) in German peace policy. This paper presents key observations and conclusions from these discussions and draws on policy debates in the run-up to the first National Security Strategy for Germany.

A key concern of this outline is to pave the way for a broader and inclusive discourse about the guiding principles for promoting peace and human security, especially in cooperation with partner countries. Fighting inequality and injustice – within and between states and societies – has always been at the very heart of development cooperation and peacebuilding. In times of a raging climate crisis, a global pandemic, ongoing warfare, and a spike in world hunger and poverty, it has become clearer than ever, that the threads for peace and security are globalized and interconnected. Based on a comprehensive understanding of security with fundamental rights and freedoms for all members of society, FriEnt aims to broaden perspectives for a multidimensional approach on pressing issues for peace and security and their implications in different parts of the world.

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